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Get Your
Story Straight

Brand Consultancy

Win The Clients
You Really Want

Sales + Marketing Mentoring

Take your
market opportunity

Business Consultancy



‘Get your story straight’

  • Find out what clients really want
  • Carve your niche and name it
  • Identify your true market position
  • Articulate your value proposition
  • Formulate a business model that suits you


'Win the clients you really want'

  • Create a marketing strategy that drives sales
  • Develop a CRM fit for purpose
  • Master your social and content strategy
  • Build a rewarding referral network
  • Generate more leads and win more business


‘Take your market opportunity’

  • Increase client loyalty and spend
  • Stop over servicing accounts
  • Increase profitability and have more fun
  • Develop the right team to take you forward
  • Drive your agency forward with purpose


Damjan Haylor, Managing Director, Popcomms

[Creative presentations agency]

“Ryan understood marketing, sales and the creative process – he just got straight away what we did … He was able to articulate precisely what value we bring to our customers … He brought focus in helping us narrow in on those services that customers really want … And he helped us provide a better ‘creative’ to our customers – which is a very powerful thing.”

Andy Williams, Co-Managing Director, Cohesive

[Hybrid PR + Marketing agency]

“With Ryan’s external perspective we’ve been able to create a really different but authentic proposition to bring to the market place which allows us to stand out from our competitors …

He’s an interesting character, he’s very effervescent, he’s got tons of energy and he’s very frank – so he’s not afraid to kick arses when arses need to be kicked!”

Andy Farmer, Managing Director, MyOxygen

[Mobile applications agency]

“Ryan helped us articulate our proposition into something that feels like a perfect balance between what we really do and what our customers really want.

He’s like the business partner I never had and always wanted. He helps me channel my energies more productively and I feel like we’re moving forward with much greater purpose – with a business model that really works to our strengths…”

Hire me

Let’s chat, share war stories, hopes and ambitions, and see if we’ve got chemistry.



  • We’ll meet and weigh up what you need
  • All decision makers will agree the project scope in writing
  • I will give you an outright cost for this project

What then?
I’ll ask you to sign a contract and I’ll provide a schedule of work.

How much do you charge?
Brand project fees typically start from £6,000.

When is the work finished
When all decision makers come to a common agreement and you sign off the work.


  • We’ll set aside a half day and run through a diagnostic of needs
  • I will then report back with an assessment and recommendations
  • This will cost you £600, which will be refunded if we work together

What then?
We’ll scope the work involved and agree a monthly rolling contract.

How much do you charge?
Monthly contracted work typically starts from £1,000 per month.

When is the work finished?
Either when agreed milestones have been achieved and/or we come to a mutual agreement to terminate the contract, no strings attached.



My name is Ryan James. I used to co-run a modest but profitable little brand and design agency for 6+ years, working with businesses with a high growth imperative.

Then the 2008 downturn happened. Business was tough, so we merged with a digital agency. But it wasn’t the same, so I ventured out on my own.

Since going solo and working alongside other agencies it’s really opened my eyes to the lonely world in which agency owners place ourselves – living in an isolated bubble, upholding our status as experts and never letting on that we might not know how to do something for fear of showing the world our weakness. Trust me, I get it!


Prior to all that agency malarkey, sales was my thing. I learnt the essentials in Los Angeles before moving into sales management back in the UK and then eventually crossing the chasm into the world of marketing, taking to brand consultancy as my particular specialty.

So I’m unusually experienced in both sales and marketing and have worked on both sides of the agency/client fence, and am therefore able to provide hands-on insights into all.

Ryan James - Playmaker

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From Bristol City to Buddhism.

From The DO Lectures to the Law of Attraction…

Click here to learn what makes me tick, my party trick and explore some of my long term ambitions.


I’ve got a thirst for figuring out how things work. That which I haven’t yet experienced and figured out for myself I read up about instead.

Click here to see those books and blogs I find most insightful.


‘A ‘playmaker’ is the player in a team game who leads attacks or brings other players on the same side into a position from which they could score.’

Business is the ultimate team game. I can lead your attack or (more likely) bring you into a position from which you can win more opportunities.


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