Believe in abundance

September 13, 2012 Ideas, Random 2 Comments

Stop believing the economy is at fault…

Stop wallowing in a mindset of lack that only serves to maintain your tale of woe…

Stop blaming everyone else and rejecting any notion of responsibility for why you don’t have enough…

And start believing in a world of abundance!

Why? Well let’s explore what happens when you do believe in a world of abundance…

In a world of abundance you already know everyone you need to know right now to move one giant step closer to winning more sales and achieving more of what you want in love, live, relationships and business… Just start with your closest contacts and relationships, I bet they’d be delighted to help – if only you’d bothered to ask!

In a world of abundance you can relax, sleep better, take the time to communicate more meaningfully with those that matter, better tend to the things that matter most to you (including yourself), think with more freedom, be more playful and enjoy life, love, relationships and business A LOT more!

In a world of abundance you have PLENTY to give away, including more time, energy, contacts, ideas, business and support – all of them things that other people in your network will value. Remember, if you want to get more you’ve got to give more, so believe in abundance and start giving more without concern about what you’re going to get in return!

In a world of abundance you can choose who you work with and afford to turn away energy sapping relationships that will only thwart your best efforts to thrive in the future. Trust me, you’ll be doing everyone a favour – especially yourself!

In world of abundance you can niche your business and your proposition, and still have more than enough business to thrive. In fact, you’ll probably find you’ll attract more profitable and rewarding business more easily… that’s how it works! 

In a world of abundance you can choose how you want to live your life, how much money you want to earn, how you want to run your business, and still achieve everything you’ve ever wanted to achieve! Remember, you’re only in business to make money and have some fun… otherwise you might as well save yourself the stress and work for someone else, and where’s the fun in that?!

In a world of abundance you can choose who you keep company with, who you choose to listen to and who you share you bed with!
Honestly, the sooner you cut ties with energy sapping relationships, the sooner you’ll have more energy to invest in more rewarding relationships, including that with yourself! 

In a world of abundance there is enough business in the world for everyone to thrive (not just survive).
So stop reading the news and worshipping the temples of doom, and start believing what you want to believe, not what others tell you to believe!

In a world of abundance you hold the key to your success, happiness and fulfillment.
And that means you have the means to start believing in and benefiting from a world abundance right NOW!

etc, etc, etc…

‘BULLSHIT!’ I hear you say…
Yep, I was a doubter too until I started taking responsibility, promptly changed by mindset and immediately started enjoying the benefits.

  • I turned off the news.
  • I started hanging out with people that energised me, and ignoring calls from those that didn’t!
  • I sold my shares in my own energy sapping business and went freelance.
  • I started believing my own value and charging what I know I’m worth.
  • I started turning off the phone more often and heading for the wilderness whenever I wanted.
  • I started saying ‘no’ as much if not more often than I said ‘yes’.
  • I started giving more and gave up expecting anything in return – and amazingly get more than I ever did before!

I simply started believing in a world of abundance and have thrived ever since!

And I’m not alone. There will be those that read this blog and smile in agreement…
To you my fellow adventures ‘I salute you!’

For those doubters out there, just remember:
You hold the key. No one else.

Honestly, encouraging my clients to believe in a world of abundance is the MOST important lesson I could ever teach them…
(And those that don’t ‘get it’ I choose not to work with them!) 


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