Get out more!

Social media is not the answer.
It’s a good way to connect… but it’s not the answer!

Email marketing is not the answer.
It’s a good way to get someone’s attention… but it’s not the answer!

Search marketing is not the answer.
It’s a good way to get found… but it’s not the answer!

etc, etc…

So what is the answer?

It always has been and always will be about the people you meet.
It’s about the effort you make to meet in person, ask questions, listen intently and be receptive to learning, sharing and giving more.

To put it a different way – it is the strength of your interpersonal relationships that you’re prepared to invest in that will make ALL the difference.

With friends, with family, with customers, with prospects, with colleagues, with contacts, with neighbours, with suppliers, with managers, with strangers, with shop assistants, with yourself even…

If you want to increase your productivity and success in anything – especially your sales and marketing success – invest the greatest part of your time, energy, effort and budget into strengthening the bond of your interpersonal relationships.

  • Your customers will love you for it when you listen like you care what they really have to say.
  • Your suppliers will give you better rates and better service when you give them the time of day.
  • Your managers will give you better support and guidance when you show your interest in listening and learning.
  • Your colleagues will give you more favours when you offer your time in return first.
  • Your prospects will give you more of their valuable time if you ask graciously, thank them, and treat them like human beings – just like you!
  • Your contacts will more readily refer you more of the business opportunities you want if you more readily consider them first before yourself.
  • etc.. the list goes on… and the benefits are endless!

Here’s a perfect example…
2 days ago I met with a chap that I first came into contact with on Twitter over a year ago!

In my mind I had started to have an interpersonal relationship with this chap based on preconceptions, fleeting interactions and comments.
I thought I knew all there was to know about this chap and vice versa – he thought he had me sussed too!

Within 3 minutes of meeting my preconception was blown out of the water… he was nothing like I expected and A LOT more fun and energising that I thought!!
So I listened, I invested the time to ask questions and be curious… and when I found out how I could help, I delivered the contacts and resources he was looking for…

2 days later ‘Dan’ is delighted that he also took the time to meet and now has a mentor, a potential business investor, renewed direction on a current project and a new ‘good contact’ for life!

By return, I have a new prospect for a service I’m selling, some creative guidance on a project of my own and a great new contact who moves in some interesting circles… plus potentially a very good friend with whom I’m likely to enjoy a few pints with too!! Contrary to my preconception, he’s top bloke!
The lesson?
If the conversation had remained on twitter none of this would have happened. I could have spent a lifetime online, behind my computer  get frustrated getting nowhere and forever complaining that social media is a waste of time – as many people do! Instead I took the effort to meet, ask, listen and give more. The reward will be invaluable.

My recommendation?
Invest 5% of your time online AND THEN get offline and invest 95% of your time, energy and money in building the real relationship – and watch your productivity soar and reputation rocket!