He who owns the ‘value’ owns the kingdom!

Value, value, value… it’s all about the value!

If you don’t know and/or can’t identify and articulate the value that you possess or require before engaging in a negotiation to buy, sell or market something, you’re scuppered before you start.

In fact, whether you’re buying something, selling something or marketing something it is all about understanding the value, who possesses the greatest share and knowing how much you’re prepared to compromise to get what you want!

Take for instance buying a car…
As the buyer, you potentially have the greatest share of the value and are able to push a very hard bargain. The reason being, cars are not unique, sellers are rarely in short supply and depending and on how much out you’re prepared to compromise, you’ll find you have more room to move than the seller has options to offer!

The biggest mistake you can make as a buyer is to fix your heart on a particular car, wishing to buy on a particular day and then letting the sales person know this.

If however, you world! can walk away, knowing that another car will become available and you can wait, then you should be able to push the sales person to the minimum price, especially if you must start your negotiation at the end of the month, when most car sales people are pushing hard to hit commissioned targets!

You also need to understand that negotiating isn’t personal. It’s not life and death, life will go on, other sales will be made and you will buy other things in your life…

When you understand this, you can start to have some real fun with it and enter into negotiations with renewed emphasis. The emphasis being to take ownership of your share of the value and do all you can to manipulate the negotiation in your favour or at least to conclude a fair bargain – on terms you’re both happy to agree.

Take for instance, when I bought my current car…
I did my research. I knew exactly what I wanted and where I could buy one. I knew exactly the market rate and how readily available I could find one. I also knew how much I wanted to pay for one and what ‘extras’ I would like to include in wholesale jerseys my purchase. And I knew all of this BEFORE I started my negotiations.

By contrast, the sales person didn’t bother to do his homework. He didn’t find out my budget. He didn’t ‘SELL’ me the cheap jerseys real benefits of his particular car. His car wasn’t the only car available and he tried it to undermine me by assuming that I was more inexperienced at buying/selling than I actually am – BIG MISTAKE!

Consequently I did buy his car, but I bought it for £2,000 less than the asking price, he gave me all of my desired extras, and he even delivered the car free of charge on his day off! He was happy to sell, but conceded that I ‘won’ the negotiation!

The difference between me people! (the buyer) and him (the salesman) was simply that I identified and took ownership of my share of the value from the very start, retained it and then manipulated his value rather than compromising my own. He did not.

Marketing is all about identifying, cultivating and communicating the value.

Selling is all about retaining this value, and identifying and manipulating the buyer’s value.

Buying is all about wholesale mlb jerseys playing nfl a strong hand and understanding the value you seek, accurately identifying who can really give you the service you require and understanding what you are prepared to compromise on.

What can you learn from this?

  • Get all your marketeers to sell for a month.
  • Survey all your buyers/clients to better understand what they really value.
  • Get all your sales people to sit in on negotiations to buy something for your business.
  • Get all your buyers, marketeers and sales people to share notes on the service and value that you sell.

And have some fun with it…
Buying, selling and marketing stuff is the most amount of fun you can have with your clothes on!!