It’s a lonely place, being the expert!

Being the expert who customers call upon to resolve challenges is a wonderful and hugely rewarding position to be – yet it can be extremely lonely too.

With so much expectation to know all the answers all of the time for everybody else’s problems we agencies cocoon ourselves in our little bubble of mystic, never feeling as if we can let our guard down and admit that we ourselves might find it difficult to resolve our own challenges in running our own business.

I should know, I used to co-run an agency, scratching around with what we knew and could find from books or internet resources tentatively prodding away at those things that baffled us, more often than not succeeding but not necessarily always knowing why or having that much confidence in the decisions we were making at the time!

And then we merged, only to find the guys we were merging with suffered from the same predicament! And so we muddled on again, only there were 4 of us at the top now, culminating into a situation where too many cooks literally spoiled the broth!

As they say, ‘hindsight is a wonderful’ thing, and having left my own company and no longer seen as a threat to other agency owners, its become even more apparent that we agency owners all suffer the same degree of loneliness and frustration.

Everyone a master in some aspects but completely baffled in others such as:

  • Lead generation in the new world of content and social marketing
  • Getting our own proposition and website right!
  • How to charge for value and not time
  • How to avoid pitching for business
  • The cost/revenue calculation necessary to take on new staff
  • How to find, keep and develop good people who ‘get it’
  • Effective resource/time management
  • How to keep clients genuinely happy and increase spend and/or loyalty
  • How to achieve quantifiable results that clients will testify to
  • How to grow the agency and increase profitability
  • How to exit and/or sell the business successfully
  • Etc, etc, etc…

And so this is why I decided to dedicate myself to the support of creative and digital agency owners, to be a friend and help you make better decisions.

Not because I know all the answers but because I know you each share the same challenges and between us all the answers are within easy reach, even if it means I need to go fetch them for you without you needing to let your guard down!

What I’m be especially keen to tell you, whether we work together or not, is that you are not alone. EVERY agency owner I have ever had the pleasure of meeting with struggles with the same challenges and the same sense of loneliness as you.

Out of curiosity (and by all means keep your identity anonymous by reply),

What’s the one challenge you struggle with most?