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From Bristol City to Buddhism.
From David Hieatt to the Law of Attraction.

You may not resonate with everything I do and like, and neither does it matter too much, but this list might give you a better insight into what really makes me tick beyond the professional façade – not that I keep the two separate very much!


David Hieatt
David is the co-founder of Howies – one of my favourite clothing brands, The DO Lectures – an endless source of great inspiration and Huit Denim – one of the best examples of how to market a business with purpose. He just ‘gets’ what customers really want. He’s also a very unassuming, approachable and likeable chap too…

His book ‘Purpose: Why brands with a purpose do better and matter more’ is well worth a read and epitomises everything you need to know about David Hieatt and how to build a powerful brand.


Football (or any sport that matter!)
For my sins I’m a full-time Bristol City fan and a part-time Liverpool fan. I’m also partial to a bit of international rugby union and cricket too – in fact anything remotely competitive is enough to draw my attention regardless of the sport and I’m always on the BBC Sport app checking for sports updates.

I play a bit of football – but I’m very average. And I enjoy a bit of running too.


The Dharma
I firmly believe that the truth of existence was discovered and successfully taught for the first time by a bloke called Siddharta Gautama (aka. the Buddha) some 2500 years ago.

His teachings on the path to enlightenment, otherwise known as the Dharma, give me faith that those fleeting moments of ‘reality’ that I have seen are true – not because he says so, but because I’ve proven this to be true by my own life experience. Deep stuff eh?!

For the record, I’m a practising Buddhist with the Triratna Buddhist Order and mediate daily when possible.


The Law of Attraction
‘That which you think most about is what comes most about.’

What you wear, what you adorn your walls with, who you hang out with, what you read, how you spend your time… all these things heavily influence what manifests in your life. I love playing with the dynamic of how it all works for personal and professional gain.

When you get your brand right for instance – you bring the powerful law of attraction into play – that’s how I know whether your brand is right for you.


My kind of humour
Modern Toss, The Mighty Boosh, Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer, Team America, The Office, Sean Lock, Peter Kay, Robin Williams and Four Lions – these things make me laugh A LOT.

I also love silly humour like Bruce Almighty, Dumb and Dumber and Anchorman too.


My kind of music, film, TV or book
Anything that emotionally engages me gets my vote. A story told with poetic intensity (Wolf Hall, TV), lyrics sung from the heart (Bob Dylan – Blood on the Tracks), films that move me (The Untouchable, not to be mistaken with The Untouchables).

Having said that I have my guilty pleasures too and love a bit of popcorn for the brain. 


Growing my own business
I’d love to run my own business again and build a success culture to be proud of. This is something I share with my clients, so for the time being I’m happy to help them. But in the long run I’d like to take a punt with one or two of the many ideas I’ve got swimming around my head. Watch this space…


The hills
In my humble opinion, there’s nothing more rewarding or life-affirming that a hearty stomp up in the mountains with nothing but a backpack, a compass, a map and a few good friends for company. Come rain, wind or shine – I need a healthy quota of time in the hills to keep me sane.


My campervan – ‘Bongo Jerry’
Jerry is our only vehicle and he’s a converted Mazda Bongo complete with a sleeping compartment in the roof, kitchen and wireless internet access – so I can work from anywhere I choose to take him!


My party trick…
Aside from striking an uncanny resemblance to fellow Bristolian Stephen Merchant and the Shermanator from American Pie, I can also sing any song of your choosing in the style of Bob Dylan… IF you pay me enough money or buy me enough beers!