People do NOT buy people!

Contrary to popular belief, people do NOT buy people, not anymore!

I can believe big that they used to, and in some circles, where the ‘old boy’s club’ is still valued, some people might buy your personal credibility solely on the basis of who you are. But in the majority people do not buy people – trust me!

Instead, people buy…

  1. what they like
  2. what they want
  3. what they need

Just think about it for a second. No one in this day and age is going to buy something that they don’t like, they don’t want and they don’t need, purely because they like the person selling it!

The simple truth is that people’s buying decisions are principally driven by 3 key elements…

  1. An emotional / subconscious need
    ‘what they like’
  2. A wish for consistency (no change) + confidence (no mistake)
    ‘what they want’
  3. A rational / logical solution that will take away thier pain
    ‘what they need’

And the likelihood is that most people make their buying decisions in this order too.

Advertising is designed to engage you at an emotional level.

The consistency of brand and service delivery is designed to The give you confidence that the company behind the service/product being sold are trustworthy and worth the risk. And the ‘additional information’ wholesale jerseys and small print is designed to give you the answers and detail that the logical side of your brain desires.

Rarely will a company be able to sell the details before they’ve hooked you in emotionally.

So where in this process is the value of personal relationships?

The sales person can greatly influence the emotional sale.
The sales person can ensure the Yankee consistency of brand delivery is upheld.
And the sales person should be on hand to talk details, when asked.

When you explore this more closely, you’ll see that I’m suggesting the course sales person’s responsibility is to satisfy the buyer’s ‘buying process’ through careful management of their own sales (and marketing) process.

In essence, the quicker you can get on the same wave length as your buyer and truly understand what drives his/her buying needs, on all 3 levels (as outlined above), the stronger the relationship you will establish and the greater influence you will have in determining a sale… or not!

So trust me… people do NOT buy people.
They buy what they like, what they want and what they need!

A buyer will only warm to those (sales) people that take the time and make the investment to ask the right questions, listen to what they’re really asking for and present them with the necessary information to help them make a positive decision!

This is why people hate ‘sales people’ that don’t listen, don’t ask for permission, don’t ask the right questions and don’t take wholesale jerseys China the time to establish their intrinsic needs. This is cheap jerseys why people typically hate getting cold calls – because most ‘sales people’ think it’s all about fluff without substance.

But this simple truth is also why there is still cheap jerseys a place for sales people (and for cold calling), because when sales are undertaken and managed with care and attention to the buyers needs and their logical buying process, we LOVE getting sold to!

The difference between loving and hating sales people has nothing to do with whether you like the person doing it, and everything to do with the sales person’s capability to meet your needs!