Perfect the steak AND THEN the sizzle!

Successful organisations consistently deliver great steak AND sizzle.
Unsuccessful organisations tend to overlook the importance of getting the steak right first and put too much effort into perfecting the sizzle!

Mastering the art of delivering a great steak should be your primary focus.
Only worry about the sizzle once you’ve mastered the delivery of a great steak – every time!

Knowing exactly who is responsible for what, why and how to deliver great steak consistently is key to your success.

Here’s my simple guide…

Focus your marketing team on identifying those prospects/customers who want the one single value (great steak) that you’re able to deliver consistently. Then commit to communicate how great your steaks are to those prospects/customers who want it most. Draw prospects and customers to you that are actively looking for great steak. Don’t worry about the sizzle.

Focus your sales team on connecting with those customers who want great steak. Meet and greet them at the door, remind them about how great your steak is and agree exactly how they want their steak cooked upon arrival.

Focus your customer service team on delivering the great steak that you have promised to deliver, exactly as your sales team have agreed that you will cook it. And focus your efforts on delivering it consistently.

Focus every other part of your organisation on supporting these 3 disciplines to deliver great steaks, time and time again.

Once you’ve achieved consistency (or at least have a strategy to attain true consistency)… THEN EMPOWER EVERYBODY with the scope to add their own ‘sizzle’ to every contact and communication with customers, and internally commit to go the extra mile.

Take their coats at the door. Give them a free drink. Give them extra chips. Serve the steak on a sizzling hot pan. Have a good conversation with them. Ask them if there is anything else you could do to improve the steak they have just eaten. Thank them for their custom.

But first make sure they get the great steak you originally promised them – then add the sizzle!

In conclusion…

Market, sell and deliver ONE consistently sought after value – and get known for delivering this value consistently.
This is the foundation upon which you can build your brand reputation.  i.e. Get known for serving a great steak.

Add ‘sizzle’ once you’ve mastered how to cook and deliver a great steak consistently.

It’s ok to shout about your own sizzle BUT customers won’t give you the opportunity to add sizzle if at first you don’t deliver the great steak they originally sought!

Once you’ve mastered the art of delivering great steak AND sizzle, word of mouth will take care of itself.
Customers will continue to use you because they know you cook a great steak – consistently.
They’ll advocate you because they can trust you to deliver a great steak every time and won’t fail their recommendation.
They’ll love you and stay loyal for longer because of the sizzle!