The Playmaker

Sales success explained through the medium of football!

‘The Playmaker’ is your go-to man in a time of need and inspiration, a man to make things happen.

The link between midfield and attack, that special someone to provide an important goal or a killer pass to carve open an impenetrable defence.

Think Lionel Messi, Andrea Pirlo and Pele.

Like the great footballing masters, I’m an enthusiast that thrives at what I do best – linking the power of marketing with effective sales to re-energise individuals, teams and companies, and help them reconnect with customers, generate more opportunities and win more sales!


In a practical sense…

  • I listen, understand, share, collaborate and connect people
  • I seek the path of least resistance and greatest long term reward
  • I apply practical, uncomplicated support, advice, training and strategies
  • I integrate sales and marketing, and harness the value of each dynamic for maximum sales effect
  • I help companies source greater insights into what makes their customers say ‘YES’

I also work with a smile on my face and am not afraid to get stuck in to where it matters most – whether you need clear marketing direction or an injection in sales!

Playmaker for hire?

  • Evaluation and fresh insights (Sales & Marketing Consultancy)
  • On-site workshop and guidance (Sales & Marketing Training)
  • Hands on action and activity (Business Development)

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ps. Yes football is a passion… whatever gave you that impression?!