How do I build brand recognition?

So you want to build a brand eh?
Well it’s not obvious? as difficult as you might think, but first some brutal truth:

  1. You have to stop behaving so bloody small minded or forever feel like you’re missing the point!
  2. You must stop believing that what you have to say or sell is so precious – trust me it’s not.
  3. And lastly, stop thinking you’re so important that A people will want to stop and listen. You’re not and they won’t.
Ok, so that’s the brutal truth out of the way!
Now for my 3 minute guide to building brand recognition…

  • To warrant attention you have to consistently shout loud to be be heard
  • To stand out you have to craft a canny approach to market and outwit wholesale nba jerseys the competition
  • To be understood you have to communicate with absolute clarity – almost clinically so
  • To attract followers that resonate with your cause you have to have a compelling answer for the question:
    Why do you do what you do?’
  • To achieve recognition for a brilliant idea you have to prove it’s worthy
  • To build a brand you need to stand for something, to pick a fight, dare to challenge and cause me to think differently
  • To achieve effortless and repeat custom you have to care enough to give a personal service every time.

If you don’t do these things, well… you’re just another nobody with nothing truly interesting to say or offer!

To help put things into perspective remember this:

‘Nothing is interesting unless you’re interested’

To put it a different way, if you want my interest, you’ve got to give me every reason to give it.
With this in mind, I implore you to break The free of your ‘value’ small mindedness and start to think It’s big and think brand.

You don’t cheap jerseys have to apply these principles on a big scale, you just need to think big when taking action. For instance, pick a fight when writing a blog post. Share you ‘great idea’ via twitter and ask people to comment. Always explain why you do what you do when introducing yourself at a networking event. And do all of the above consistently.

Starting from today, take these guiding principles and make it your cheap mlb jerseys mission to build an army of advocates (whether they’re ever likely to buy from you or not), and share with them all your worldly secrets. Arm them with your most compelling ideas, say it with passion, purpose and promise and give yourself every chance of being heard in a saturated market place.

Set forth my friends, you have some work to do…

Or forever miss the point, and doubtlessly waste a very good idea!