What do you want to do today?

Pinky:  Hey Brain what are we going to do today?
Brain:  The same thing we always do… we’re gonna try and take over the world!

I used to LOVE the comic genius that was ‘Pinky & The Brain’
Pinky & The Brain – What Do You Want To Do Today? – YouTube.

A perfect example of ‘how not to do it’ and fail with style!

Yet this is not too far from the truth in many businesses…

Time and time again I meet a host of business owners and project managers hell bent on world domination that simply haven’t worked hard enough to define the true scope of their opportunity and subsequently have no idea how to actually achieve what they really want to achieve.

When I start working with a new client or undertake a new project I spend a healthy amount of time simply trying to evaluate things like:

  • what we’re trying to achieve
  • exploring the scope and value of our opportunity for success
  • defining milestones and timescales
  • and literally creating a vision of what success looks, feels and consists of.

Take myself and Playmaker Marketing for example.
I have a vision board at home that outlines the following:

  • who I want to work with (and who I don’t!)
  • what projects I want to undertake (and which ones I don’t!)
  • how much I want to earn (and therefore how much I need to charge!)
  • what kind of lifestyle I want (work/life balance) etc…

In fact I consistently set aside a day a year to revisit this vision board and update it in line with the successes I consistently enjoy!

I also happen to know my sales and marketing numbers and ambitions in granular detail, so I always know whether I’m on target and when I need to increase or decrease my activity, and what areas I need to improve to accelerate my success.

Yet time and time again I meet business owners (agency owners in particular!) who have no idea what they’re trying to achieve but think that a good marketing campaign or the addition of a new sales person will help, and consequently spend thousands in search of a result that inevitably fails to materialise.

Worst still, many marketing agencies for instance, know they need to create more content but don’t really know why or what kind of engagement they’re trying to achieve or ideally with whom… and then wonder why they can’t get to grips with content marketing!

So, back to Pinky & The Brain… what do you want to do today?

If you don’t really know the answer to this question then STOP what you’re doing immediately, and…

Set aside an hour or two to ask yourself ‘for what benefit am I doing what I’m doing?’.

Then re-engage with your activity with renewed purpose and give yourself every chance of success. It works for me… even if Pinky & The Brain never quite formulated a winning master plan!